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BBC News Look East.jpg

The BBC came down to film Vanguard on memorial day, 11th November 2020.

Here is Kevin Burch's evening report.

Below are pictures from ITV Anglia, with reporter Russell Hookey, filming a piece on the Vanguard, which was broadcast on their 6pm show, Monday 19th February 2018. 

The Tube Train is the one used in The Darkest Hour - it was shipped to London from Mangapps Farm for filming. Pictured here are David and Glenys Hopkins, who donated the money to bring her home, John Jolly, who is hosting her at Mangapps, and, looking at the blueprints, Will Dallimore, grandson of Vanguard's designer, talking to Janet Brasted, granddaughter of Albert Grimwade, who skippered Vanguard during Operation Dynamo.

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